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>> Monday, May 31, 2010

What I did not accomplish this month:

I committed to two readalongs and only finished one of the books. I read The Handmaid's Tale and participated in one of the weekly online chat sessions which I enjoyed very much. The other readalong for Angela's Ashes is one I have not completed. The discussion post is up at The Little Reader so as soon as I finish the book I'll be heading over to weigh in on that.

What I probably won't accomplish by the end of July:

I've been listening to the Harry Potter series as a reread for the Harry Potter Reading Challenge. The challenge goes through the end of July, but it's becoming increasingly unlikely that I'll finish listening to all the books by July 31st. Does this bother me? Not in the least. I'm enjoying listening to them and will continue until I finish (whenever that may be).

What I did accomplish this weekend while I was not reading Angela's Ashes:

Memorial Day Weekend and Thanksgiving are the two big Wine Tasting events. Many wineries are only open or set up at event facilities on these two weekends. We plan for it and take advantage.

We spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons driving out to the wine country of the Northern Willamette Valley. Saturday's stop was a place with five wineries and Sunday's hosted three. We had a wonderful time talking about and tasting wine.

Oh yeah - we now have two boxes like this that we didn't have on Friday.

I also had an opportunity to play with my brand new camera for the first time and I think I adore it.  Stay tuned for upcoming Wordless Wednesday and Hangin' with Howie posts to see the results.

On Memorial Day itself we did a 10k race. The Hubster is the runner in the family and his sister and our niece also ran the race. I'm a walker not a runner but have learned over the years that if I pin a number on my shirt and have someone just slightly faster or slower in front of me I immediately lose all sense of "just treat this like a training walk and there's no reason to go all out". The weather was a bit damp for my racing preference, but the rain did let up just in time for the race. This event was one of the few to have a separate category for walkers. I finished with a respectable time (1:19:50) and all but one of the folks who finished in front of me was a true racewalker.

There you have my roundabout explanation why it looks like there will be another week here at Whimpulsive with only one book review posted. I'm not in a reading slump, I'm not burned out on reading or blogging, I'm just enjoying life.


Eleanor 5/31/2010 4:08 PM  

I commend your intestinal fortitude. Or something.

Bookfool 5/31/2010 5:25 PM  

Haha. I love what Eleanor said! I've done a single 10K race. It nearly wrecked me -- and I was only 31 years old!!! Glad you're having fun. Fun is good. :)

Booklogged 6/01/2010 8:57 PM  

Whimpulsiveness can bring such satisfaction. Love that word! Congrats on your 'fortitude'.

Eva 6/06/2010 7:17 AM  

I didn't finish the Brothers Karamazov read-a-long, even though I love Dostoevsky. My problem is joining read-a-longs for books I own, because then when I have library books due, I abandon the ones I own!

Les 6/09/2010 6:55 PM  

You have a great pace! If my math is correct, that's a little under 13 minute miles. Way to go!!

SuziQoregon 6/11/2010 8:28 PM  

El: I think it's "or something"

Bookfool: ;-) Fun IS good.

Booklogged: LOL

Eva: Glad to know I'm not the only one failing at readalongs ;-)

Les: I was pretty happy with that pace. I had another fast walker who I kept up with for the first half of the race. She was pushing me, but I faded when I hit the hill.

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