Baby Afghan for Tracy S's Baby Boy

>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Baby shower was yesterday and in addition to this the Mom-to-be also got a quilt and two baby sweaters made by friends at the party. Lots of handmade love for this little guy already.

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This time around I let the recipient pick out the color. I sent her a link to three different brands of yarn so she could see the colors available. I totally knew she'd pick this color before I even sent her the email.

I added the antique white to the border because I thought that looked better than a stark white.

Yarn - Lion Brand Baby Soft
Color - Pistachio

By the way - that maple rocker was the first thing my parents bought for the nursery after they found out Mom was pregnant with my older brother.

This one shows a little bit of detail as well as the washing instructions I always attach to baby afghans. I started doing that after I found out that one Mom was afraid to use the afghan I'd made because she didn't know it was machine washable.


Eleanor 2/06/2011 6:41 AM  

I love the colors! The border is just perfect. And that rocker? There's just nothing better than a rocking chair with a great history.

Mary 2/06/2011 6:44 AM  

So nice and I like the border. Classic look. Great idea on including washing instructions!

Melissa 2/06/2011 6:48 AM  

It is so adorable and your crocheting is just gorgeous! Almost makes me want to have a baby so that you'd make one for me. Almost!

Karen :) 2/06/2011 7:38 AM  

Beautiful! Love this color!

Beth,  2/06/2011 8:21 AM  

Q: You always do such a great job.
Are you a perfectionist? Beautiful

Trish 2/06/2011 11:05 AM  

It's absolutely beautiful!! And I think it's great that you attach washing instructions. Generally are all afghans machine washable? I received one recently but it didn't come with instructions and I have the same fear--what if baby spits up and I don't know how to clean it??

Love the color and the white border.

Lynne 2/06/2011 3:01 PM  

It's beautiful! Anxious to see how your knitting is coming along.

Carrie,  2/06/2011 3:18 PM  

so beautiful - I'm sure it will be treasured for many years go come. I think of all those sweet babies who have been wrapped in your beautifully crafted afghans over the years.

Vickie 2/06/2011 6:49 PM  

What a gorgeous gift for the baby! He is blessed to have the home created gifts of love.

SuziQoregon 2/07/2011 9:15 AM  

Eleanor: I knew you'd like the story about the rocker ;-)

Mary: Thanks!

Melissa: Oh thank you, but please don't do anything drastic ;-)

Karen: The Mom-to-be picked it out. The nursery will be green and brown.

Beth: Perfectionist doesn't begin to explain it ;-)

Trish: thanks! I honestly think almost all baby yarns are washable, but you might want to check with the person who gave it to you to be sure. I really think most knitters and crocheters use washable yarns for baby stuff.

Lynn: thanks! Right now my knitting project is a scarf for myself - the yarn I bought for the sampler I did for my knitting class is just beautiful so I tore out the class project and am using it for a scarf.

Carrie: Oh what a sweet thought. You made my day.

Vickie: Yes he is. He's a very lucky baby already.

Jenn's Bookshelves 2/07/2011 10:05 AM  

It's gorgeous! I loved receiving handmade gifts when I was expecting the boys. I still cherish them all!

Les 2/11/2011 3:45 AM  

Oooh! I would've picked those colors, too! It's beautiful and I'm sure will be cherished by both mom & baby.

SuziQoregon 2/15/2011 8:33 PM  

Jenn: It's really neat when I hear that folks still use blankets I've made or that they've saved them for another child or future grandchild.

Les: I was really happy with the colors too.

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