Wordless Wednesday #70

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Springtime seems to be in the 'thinking about it" stage

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Beth F 2/02/2011 6:47 AM  

Sob. Nary a bud to be found around here.

Bookfool 2/02/2011 6:47 AM  

Wow, buds already? Amazing! Beautiful pic. Love the patterns of branches against sky.

Jen Forbus 2/02/2011 7:04 AM  

I can't see anything for the snow around us...But this improves my state of mind immensely. :-)

Hood Photo Blog 2/02/2011 8:52 AM  

Hello fellow Oregonian! I cannot wait until spring is in full bloom. Thank you for the photo of hope ;)

Hood Photo Blog

Eleanor 2/02/2011 10:28 AM  

I love all the promise this picture holds. Wonderful.

LucidLotus 2/02/2011 11:55 AM  

Dear Springtime,

Stop thinking so much and get here already!

Kailana 2/02/2011 2:10 PM  

I wouldn't mind it getting here soon! The snow outside right now is crazy and it is still coming!

Mary 2/03/2011 11:31 AM  

Fills me with hope just seeing those buds (as the blizzard winds continue to howl).

Trish 2/04/2011 8:03 AM  

Oh it looks so warm!! And that sky so blue!

Off to put on another layer of socks... My heater can't seem to keep up.

SuziQoregon 2/07/2011 8:57 AM  

I guess it was kind of mean of me to post this with a blizzard attacking the rest of the country. Sorry about that, but hope it provided some hope. It seemed appropriate for Groundhog day.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Les 2/11/2011 3:50 AM  

I am so ready for spring! Only a few more weeks. YAY!!!

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