Wordless Wednesday #71

>> Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Candle Holders

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novelwhore 2/09/2011 6:46 AM  

So pretty! Calming, too. Thanks for sharing.

Jen Forbus 2/09/2011 6:53 AM  

I love the green reflecting through the clear class. Nice colors!

Eleanor 2/09/2011 8:38 AM  

Love finding extraordinary in ordinary!

Trish 2/11/2011 11:27 AM  

They're beautiful and I love the little bubbles of imperfection.

Bookfool 2/11/2011 6:11 PM  

Beautiful! Are you working on photographing patterns or did you just see the glass and decide to snap?

SuziQoregon 2/15/2011 8:28 PM  

Thanks everyone - they just kept catching my eye when I walked through the dining room so I finally had time to play with different shots. It was fun.

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