Weekend Update: March 19, 2011

>> Saturday, March 19, 2011

This week:
Between the time change and still working my way through the to do list that seems to have exploded while I was on vacation I feel like I’ve spent the week being sleepy when I should be awake and awake when I should be sleeping and chipping away at the list of things I need to catch up on whenever I had two minutes. Somehow I’ve managed to carve out some reading time but not as much as I’d like (as usual). I did finish Lazybones by Mark Billingham and I’m just loving this series. It’s kind of dark and disturbing but so good. I started James Thompson’s second mystery featuring Finnish detective Kari Vaara. It’s called Lucifer’s Tears and it’s wonderful, but read Snow Angels first because it’s outcome is discussed openly in the second book.

I took a road trip last Sunday to meet some dear friends for lunch and an afternoon of chatting so I got some good audiobook time while driving. I finished listening to The Hippopotamus Pool by Elizabeth Peters and started A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny. Both of those series are so well done on audio and among my favorites.

Other than books and reading:
No I have not finished editing vacation photos. I’m working on it and I’m very very happy with how many of them have turned out, but I don’t have a web album put together yet.

I finally got all my files and stuff moved to my new laptop and I’m gradually getting used to Windows 7 but that whole new computer thing has contributed to the feeling of being behind the imaginary schedule I had in my head of when all this stuff was going to be done.

Check out my photo of a rainbow from my office. Even with an iphone photo through a dirty window it's pretty cool. It was a nice St. Patrick's day surprise.

Added to my TBR List (To Be Read) this week:

I picked up the audio version of Sarah Vowell’s Assassination Vacation from the library for The Hubster and I to listen to on our next trip to Southern Oregon. Swapna at S.Krishna’s Books recommended it and it certainly sounds like something we’d like. I normally don’t do abridged audios but based on her review I’m going with it.

Purchased this week:

The Dark Rose by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.

I enjoyed the first in this series enough to pick up the second. What can I say? I’m a sucker with a book with a big ol’ family tree diagram at the beginning.

And as usual, the current library stack


Kailana 3/19/2011 9:30 AM  

I was going to say 'Yay, Jacqueline Winspear', but I have said that a lot lately, haven't I? lol But, still... :) The series is sort of running together at this point, but I *think* this is the one with a bit of an interesting plot twist... It could have been the book before it. I don't want to say anymore in case I am entirely off, but I will be curious to see what you think about it!

samantha.1020 3/19/2011 6:06 PM  

I have my first Maisie Dobbs book sitting on the shelf but I'm going to end up reading them out of order. I hate doing that but oh well :) Sounds like you got a lot of reading in even while you were busy!!

Les 3/22/2011 3:53 AM  

I need to get back to Maisie Dobbs! I snagged an ARC of the latest (A Lesson in Secrets), but am no where near ready to read it until I read all the earlier ones. I think I'm on #4 or #5. I've lost track.

I had to laugh when I read that you're still working on your vacation photos. I FINALLY finished editing my pix from a trip we took last May! I kind of miss Fotomat. ;)

SuziQoregon 3/22/2011 8:41 PM  

Kailana: hee hee - Maisie seems to be everywhere these days doesn't she. I'm about halfway through The Mapping of Love and Death right now and really enjoying it. I'm excited to be getting close to being caught up in at least one series soon.

Samantha: I think the Maisie Dobbs series gets better with each book. They're all a little different but such a great picture of England in the time period.

Les: I have an e=galley of the newest one, which is why I've been trying to catch up over the past couple of months. I don't usually read a series so close together but I've been enjoying it with both the Maisie Dobbs series and Mark Billingham's Tom Thorne series.

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