Weekend Update September 30, 2012

>> Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Update
I didn’t do an update last weekend because we were out of town so there’s lots to talk about today.

First and most important is that I’ve changed RSS Feed services so to be sure that you’re subscribed to the right feed click on the appropriate button over there on the right to subscribe in a reader or by email.

Since my last update:
I actually finished another book. Yes I actually read two whole books in September. That should tell you how busy I’ve been with other things this month. Things are returning to normal though and I’m really looking forward to getting back to my normal reading routine.

I finished The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber. It was the perfect light read for a very busy time for me. It’s set in Cedar Cove home to her recently completed series and while familiar characters make an appearance occasionally, it’s very much a new series. It’s the same predictable yet pleasant type of book I expect from her and just what I needed this month.

Today I’ll be starting Black Fridays by Michael Sears.

On audio I’m nearly done with The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson. It’s the first in the Walt Longimire series and I will most definitely be continuing with this series. I have enjoyed it a lot. My next audio will be The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny. I’ve been on the waiting list at the library for this newest in the Three Pines series. I finally got to the top of the list and picked it up on Friday. It goes straight to next in my audiobook queue.

Other than books and reading:
The re-carpeting and new entryway floor project is done! It’s been a ridiculous amount of work but I’m so happy with the results. (click on photos to see larger versions)

entry before
entry after
We pretty much had to partially move out and move back in and as a result we cleaned out and reorganized closets, shelves, and pretty much everything. After 14 years in this house (which as The Hubster pointed out is the longest either of us has ever lived in one place) it was good to purge out a lot of accumulated stuff. It feels like we’re living in a new but familiar house.

When we moved stuff back in we took the opportunity to edit and re-think and rearrange some rooms.
living room reading spot 1
I now have a couple of new cozy reading spots in the living room that I’m looking forward to putting to steady use.
living room reading spot 2

It’s been an adventure for the cats as well as for us. Yesterday they ‘helped’ The Hubster put together a new shelving unit for one of the closets.
Abby and Howie "help"
Abby: OK Howie, the instructions say we should have 3 of “Part C”
Howie: 3 “Part C”s – check. What’s next?

Inspector Howie
Howie: OK – someone hand me one of my “Inspected by Howie” stickers – this section looks good.
Hope you’re having a great weekend.


Trish 9/30/2012 1:07 PM  

Ok first--your cats both have the most gorgeous silky shiny coats. Love! Second--cats and babies both go gaga over boxes.I can't quite figure this out.

Love your reading spot!

Beth F 10/02/2012 7:33 AM  

Wow! Love the reading spots, the new floor, and -- of course -- the kitties.

SuziQoregon 10/02/2012 8:49 PM  

Trish: yes - they love boxes. Abby os also guaranteed to sit on any instructions. I love my reading spots too!

Beth F: thanks - we're really happy with how it all turned out.

Les 10/08/2012 4:53 AM  

I love your new flooring!! The tile is gorgeous and the carpeting looks like something I'd choose. We have berber that's at least 12 years old and it's really showing its age. Not so much in wear, but it doesn't clean up as well as it used to. I want something that will hide the dog hair and dirt a little better. Just need to take the plunge and get it done!

SuziQoregon 10/09/2012 8:55 PM  

Les; thanks - we're very happy with the results. It was a ton of work but it feels like a new house.

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