Has it really been four years since I started this blog? Sometimes it seems like I’ve been posting here forever and other times it seems like just a few months ago that I decided to keep my reading journal online.

Back in 2006 I had no idea there was such a thing as ‘book blogs’. I was just going to use the blogging format to keep my own reading journal and have a place to point friends when they asked “Read any good books lately?” Within a short time after I published my first posts I started getting comments from people I didn’t even know and from those folks I discovered a whole new world of reading friends. It wasn’t long before I had a core group of regular readers and commenters who sort of became my online book chat group and my primary source of book recommendations.

Then I found out about reading challenges . . . and that got pretty much out of hand. I love the challenges and I love having the chance to get to know other bloggers through them, but someone with a reading addiction can easily become challenge addicted and I overdid it after a couple of years. When I found myself reading almost nothing that wasn’t on a reading challenge list I knew I had to make changes. I reduced my challenge commitments to a select few and returned the fun to my reading.

That’s the key for me. I read for fun. I read for relaxation. I read to be taken to other places, times and worlds. I don’t want to read according to a schedule to fulfill an overwhelming set of commitments. That’s also my approach to this blog. I don’t want it to become an overwhelming commitment I started it for fun and I continue it because it’s fun.

This blog has changed over the years. In addition to the name change, the domain change and the changes to the appearance of my blog, I’ve also gradually modified the content.

As for the appearance, I don’t see myself changing how things look around here. I’m happy with the colors and that photo at the top (one of my very favorites that I’ve ever taken). Some folks change their blog templates pretty regularly, but every time I go looking at other templates and designs I come back here and like it just the way it is.

The content, on the other hand has gradually evolved. When I started I wanted to keep it strictly about the books. I only posted book reviews. Then came the challenges and there were challenge related posts added. About that time I started a couple of other blogs for non book related stuff but after a while I just combined everything here in one spot except for Pirate Bendy.

So – what you’ll find here:

What you won’t find here (Let me be clear – these are great for lots of blogs but they’re just not my thing):

  • A post every day because I do this for fun and when I have something to say and not something I want to feel is an obligation or work
  • Book giveaways because I neither enter nor host them
  • Author interviews because the thought of interviews gives me horrible flashbacks to my days as in middle management
  • Guest posts because this is me
  • A high percentage of new releases and review books because I can’t afford to buy lots of new releases and while I enjoy getting offered review books I limit them so I’m not overcommitted and unable to read the backlist stuff I like so much
  • Regular memes because they’re not my thing (except for Wordless Wednesdays of course)
  • Anything about subscriber or site visit numbers because this is simply not ever going to be one of those blogs with hundreds or thousands of readers. I have a small but regular group of readers and folks who comment and I appreciate all you who fit into that category far more than I care about building a huge blog audience. If new folks join that group I’m thrilled, but a large subscriber number is not my primary goal for this blog.

I enjoy and appreciate all of my blogging friends and hope to be chatting with you here and on your blogs for many more years.